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northwoodlaundryandleathercleaners company info

  • Leather Cleaning – Jackets, Handbags etc.
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning Specialists
  • Suede Jacket Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaners in Northwood, Middlesex
  • Duvet and Quilt Cleaning Services
  • Professional Curtain Cleaning Service

About Northwood Launderette in Middlesex

Northwood Laundry and Leather Cleaners is based in Northwood, and serves clients throughout Middlesex and North London. Our company was established in 1945 and has been running as a family business ever since. We are specialist cleaners who take great pride in our work, maintaining excellent services and ensuring all dry cleaning is finished by hand. Our specific areas of speciality are leather, suede, and fur cleaning, with every piece being finished using traditional Italian and Russian methods.

northwoodlaundryandleathercleaners address :

12 High Street

northwoodlaundryandleathercleaners phone : 01923 908720

Key Services

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