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Welcome To perfect Scene Photography

I created Perfect scene at the beginning of 2014 my goal being to provide wedding photography within Liverpool and the north west I also help local business and charities to promote events.

About Me

I have been a passionate photographer for many years starting when I was young age, as the son of reverend I was very often at weddings, social gatherings and other celebrations and this is were I started to find my passion for photography, I used to watch the photographers work and try and emulate there techniques.Seeing there results I often thought that there was more that could be captured so I would sit there Throw away cameras and cheap point and shoots and practice.

Liverpool Photographer

Taking the best photos I could was very important to me as I moved around the country many times from my Birth place of Chelthenham to Plymouth then to Southend-On-Sea finally in 2003 I moved to Liverpool, because of this all I had of my friends and the places I once lived was the photos I took.I believe this is why I feel the importance of capturing precious moments for people because I understand that once its gone its gone. Today I live in one of the most interesting city’s in the country, Liverpool from its music,sport, people and culture there is always something happening in Liverpool, which is fantastic for a photographer.

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Perfect Scene Photography address :

Lorne Road
L22 0NH

Perfect Scene Photography phone : 07753 185102

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